ST101005 .Oksijen metre AM-39 model Sensortechnik
ST101001 .PH Metre cihazı TM 39/SET model Sensortechnik
ST101006 .İletkenlik ölçme cihazı LF 39 model Sensortechnik
ST101009 Elektrot Kalomel KE 11/NSK7 model Sensortechnik
ST101004 Elektrot-Cam gövdeli EGA 141/TFK (sentix 81 muadil) Sensortechnik
ST101007 Elektrot-Cam gövdeli EGA 141/TM39 model Sensortechnik
ST101003 Elektrot-Plastik gövdeli EGA 142/TFK (sentix 41 muadil) Sensortechnik
ST101002 Elektrot-Plastik gövdeli EGA 142/TM 39 model için Sensortechnik
ST101008 Elektrot-Plastik gövdeli EGA 142/TM39 model Sensortechnik
ST101010 Korozyon ölçme seti KMZ 5 AEH model Sensortechnik
ST101011 Korozyon ölçme seti Referans elektrodu SE10 NSK7 Sensortechnik


It may be that there is no financial solution to the issue of principal shortages it may not be practical to raise salaries enough to make the position attractive to veteran teachers already at or near the top of their pay scales